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We are the layout makers of livejournal, and we want to share some useful and very helpful information with the users of livejournal. Tutorialayouts offers a huge selection of layout tutorials, anywhere from the general customizations that apply to all stylesheets, or the specific breakdown of a certain stylesheet. All you want and need to know about how to customize and create your own layouts can be found here!
Unlike many other tutorial communities, members of this community are not allowed to post questions. Only posters will be allowed to post tutorials they either have made, or created for you to reference. Because having open posting would allow for anyone to post, posting access will be moderated so as to keep out what doesn't belong in the community, however once you've posted something once, you will receive unmoderated posting until you leave the community. While members are not allowed to ask questions, there will be a tutorial suggestion post in which members may suggest tutorials for layout makers. Please keep in mind that we may not be available to write your tutorial ASAP, or in a small amount of time, therefore you should have multiple communities as resources in case this community is unavailable to help immediately..
If you write tutorials and want to post them here, it is suggested that you read the tutorial POSTING GUIDE before you submit your tutorial so it will not be rejected. If you are rejected, please check the FAQ post to make sure you have not violated one of the posting guidelines. If you feel that your post was unjustly rejected then you may ask in the Page-A-Mod post, and a mod will discuss it with you. Please however, do no be rude or else your future posts will be rejected without warning or reason. Please direct all community related questions to the Page-A-Mod entry.
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